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WireWall Securimax

  • Meshco is fully integrated manufacturer of high security fencing systems in South Africa.
  • Bringing elements of colour and design together, while creating a unique signature that meets today’s demand for increasing visibility and security.
  • Fabricated from 3mm, 4mm or 5.6mm wire with apertures of 12.7mm x 75mm (HxW) (see product specification pages) our WireWall SecureMax fencing system is extremely unlikely to be breached – providing maximum time delay for intrusion detection and reaction.

  • WireWall Visually

    Cover Plate

  • The cover plate is manufactured form 1.1mm zinc aluminum coated to your specific color requirements. Dimensions: 60mm x 16mm x 1.1mm.
  • Panel

  • The panel nests securely behind the steel cover plate to form a uniform clamping system. The panel is available in 3mm, 4mm or 5.6mm wire and panels are available with or without v bends.
  • Fencing Post

  • The zinc aluminum coated, rolled profile post (75mm x 60mm x 1.5mm) is pre-punched prior to thermoplastic coating. The system is designed to accommodate uneven ground levels and the most difficult landscapes and is compatible with panels from our ALLFOR and ALLVIEW (excluding 355) ranges. Our ALLVIEW 355 high security panel requires IPE sections with spider clamp fixators.
  •  Wirewall Visually

    WireWall Functionality

    Cover Plate

    The Panel is slotted over the front end of the post and is clamped by a front cover plate and pinned together with a unique concealed fixing system that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye and minimizes tampering.

    The Fixing

    The system offers unique fixing detail with no visible fixators, and includes:

  • Tie Rod
  • Round Nut
  • Shear Nut
  • Washers

  • The Cap

    The UV stable Polypropylene cap tightly locks into the top of the post sealing if off to minimize moisture entering the post.

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